Travis Geske is a veteran aerial cinematographer specializing in drone operation.


Travis Geske stands tall among visual content creators. Driven to document and understand the world around him, Travis’ background as an award-winning photojournalist gives him a unique eye for stories and deeper narratives.

Licensed Pilot

As an aircraft pilot, Travis was one of the first commercial drone pilots licensed in the United States and has over seven years experience flying around the world. 

The Drone

Storytelling ability and a strong cinematic vision makes the difference between just flying a drone and creating footage that fits seamlessly into a larger narrative. Whether it means flying a fully-rigged Alexa Mini or DJI Inspire 2, Travis has been safely and expediently getting “the shot” for years. It was this skill that Travis brought to the cult-classic movie The Drone, where he solely built, operated, and acted as the Drone for the full run of the movie.